• Hi there!

    I'm not the materialistic type nor am i the crazy into make up/beauty type - however, I've been buying your eyelashes for a few years now (Through Brazilian Beauty - Bendigo) and speaking from all that its amazing and awesome in beauty, got to give it to you guys - YOUR EYELASHES ARE SO DARN GOOD.

    I will never buy eyelashes from any other brand, always recommending smiink to my girlfriends. My absolute favourites are Divine Magic Ends and HollYwood Nights!

    The fantasy and feathered ones look insane when i've worn them at festivals! Please don't ever stop making eyelashes.

    Manda G - 29 Jan 2016

    Thanks so much for the amazing SMIINK lashes! I was able to wear them to my designer and friend Ina Soltani's Grammy V-day party and they were smashingly fun!!

    US Actress, Kristen Ruhlin

  • Thank you for the lashes and liners you gave me at the Secret Room Gift Suite for the Golden Globes!!  I LOVE them!! --- the black eyeliner pen is my favorite!!!

    US Actress, Lorielle New

    These are some cool eyelashes…these lashes from Smiink-Australian are bad ass!

    US Actress, Michelle Joy Phelps

  • False eyelashes are the perfect accessory for any occasion,I think fake lashes make your eyes pop and can be so pretty and feminine. If you learn how to put them on correctly, no one will ever guess that they're not yours.The smiink range of lashes offers something for every event – they are my favourite brand due to the amazingly big selection, the incomparable quality and price!

    Mel Von Stanke,  Vanity Makeup Bar & Body Lounge

    I love my smiinks! Great lashes. Easy to put on and last longer than any other lashes I've used. Thank you smiink!

    Sofia Milos, CSI Miami

  • Loving my new Smiink lashes. Fab!

    Carin von Berg, LuxLife Editor

    Thank you for the lashes and liners you gave me at the Secret Room Gift Suite for the Golden Globes!!  I LOVE them --- the black eyeliner pen is my favorite!!! It is the best eyeliner ever!! Nothing compares!!

    USActress/Director/Artist, Lorielle New

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